As a Messianic Synagogue, our desire is to freely share the teachings of the Torah
through the use of audio sermons & teaching series.

We pray that in viewing scripture through the eyes of Messianic Judaism, you will be encouraged in your walk with the L-rd and inspired in your study of Torah.


Title Date Teacher
What does it mean to Believe Timeless D Schiller
Jewish Evangelism 12 Jul 2008 J Bernstein
The Promise of the Ruach 05 Jul 2008 B Frost
Book of James - Part 1 - Salvation 28 Jun 2008 D Schiller
G-d's Faithfulness 21 Jun 2008 D Silver
Thoughts on Prayer 14 Jun 2008 JD Schulgen
Shavuot 2008 - Praying for Rain 07 Jun 2008 D Schiller
Meggilat Ruth - Romance of Redemption 24 May 2008 D Schiller
Open Doors for the Gospel 17 May 2008 D Schiller
Sharing your Faith 10 May 2008 D Schiller
The Kingdom Banquet 03 May 2008 D Schiller
Being Fully Persuaded 26 April 2008 G Cohen
Leadership Lessons from Moshe 19 April 2008 D Schiller
Foundations of Prayer - Part 2 The Secret Place 12 April 2008 D Schiller
Serving G-d, The Cost of discipleship 05 April 2008 J Henderson
G-d's Special Forces Training 29 Mar 2008 R Acheson
Purim 2008 - Hacking Agag to Pieces 22 Mar 2008 D Schiller
Passover Perfect (a story of Pesach) 15 Mar 2008 Rob Styler
Foundations of Prayer - Part I 08 Mar 2008 D Schiller
The Fire of G-d 01 Mar 2008 D Schiller
Whose Son is He (Who's your Daddy) 21 Feb 2008 Baruch Frost
Parasha Tetzaveh & Chevra Presentation 16 Feb 2008 Dr Shiffman
Profiles of Discipleship - Part II, Paul & Suffering 09 Feb 2008 D Schiller
Profiles of Discipleship - Part I, Martyrdom 02 Feb 2008 D Schiller
Fulfilling our mandate as the Messianic Jewish Movement 26 Jan 2008 Akiva Cohen
I'll Put None of these Diseases on You 19 Jan 2008 D Schiller
Prayer and Fasting 12 Jan 2008 D Schiller
The Bible's End Game 05 Jan 2008 Jeff Seif
Intercession - Standing in the Gap 29 Dec 2007 D Schiller
Building up our Faith 22 Dec 2007 D Schiller
The Power of Praise and Worship 15 Dec 2007 D Schiller
Introduction & Hanukkah miracles - today 08 Dec 2007 Dan Juster
Wrestling with G-d 24 Nov 2007 D Schiller
Stairway to Heaven 17 Nov 2007 D Schiller
Marriage & Divorce 10 Nov 2007 D Schiller
Messianic Update & Testimony - Beit Sar Shalom - Germany 03 Nov 2007 V Pikman
Abba's Child 27 Oct 2007 D Schiller
G-d, actually, does love you 20 Oct 2007 R Hill
Discipleship in a Seeker-Friendly Culture 13 Oct 2007 D Schiller
Succot-Wedding Supper of the Lamb 28 Sep 2007 D Schiller
The Two Goat - Yom Kippur 22 Sep 2007 D Schiller
Forgiveness - Set the Captives Free - Kol Nidre 21 Sep 2007 D Schiller
Putting an End to Sin - Shabbat T'Shuvah 15 Sep 2007 D Schiller
Yom HaDin - Rosh Hashanah 13 Sep 2007 D Schiller
Yom HaDin - Erev Rosh Hashanah 12 Sep 2007 D Schiller
Get Out of Prison 08 Sep 2007 JD Schulgen
Kiddush HaShem 01 Sep 2007 D Schiller

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Sermon Series (Midrashim) - Eitz Chaim "David Schiller

David the King - Series HaNeviim, Daniel the Prophet - Series
A Man after G-d's Own Heart Spiritual Resiliency
David & Goliath - Building a Bold Heart You are Not God
King Saul - What Might Have Been Facing The Worst Case Scenario
David & Jonathan - Spiritual Friendship Faithful to the Last
Cave Dwellers Grace for the Humble Part 1
And David Danced Grace for the Humble Part 2
Create in me a Clean Heart Responsible for What You Know
A Giving Heart Devotion Amidst Tribulation
Mephiboshet & the Compassionate Heart Yeshua, Son of Man
AvShalom & the Bitterness of a Broken Heart Be (a)ware of your battle with the enemy
Messianic Son of David The Suffering of the Saints
  Intercessory Prayer
  Power of Persistent Prayer
  The Weeks, recognize the Times of Messiah
  Spiritual Warfare, See Behind the Curtain
  The coming of the Anti-Messiah, but don't fear him
  Judgment is Coming, where is your Chosen Destiny


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